Word Smiths and Illusions

“smashing the persistent illusion”

I love that line.  I like lots of lines.  I collect them from books and magazines and stories and everywhere.  Any place that that I hear or notice a collection of words that captures or communicates a thought or idea in a creative or unique way I try to jot that phrase down.  The tag line of this blog is an example of that.

It did not come from a classic novel or academic reading.  That line actually comes from the May issue of GQ magazine (2013).  The context has Robert Downey Jr being interviewed for the cover story.  He’s explaining how most people are really the same and ultimately young actors end up realizing that he’s just another guy.

Here’s his words:

“Nothing pleases me more than when somebody who was awe inspired to be working with me realizes I’m just another schmuck that they’re bored of hanging out with on a set.  I love that moment.  I like it when that persistent illusion is smashed.”  (page 9 of 20 May 2013 GQ)

What a great line!

I read it, loved it, wrote it down.  I believe it as well.  I believe in the idea of smashing persistent illusions.  There are so many that need to be smashed.  The world, my faith, the church, life needs more honesty and truth.  There’s healing that can come from honesty.  Hope that can come truth.  And we all need a bit more of both.

You can read it on my info page.  I serve as a pastor in a church.  The church is full of persistent illusions.  Illusions that are smashed every time cancer is diagnosed and marriages crumble.  Smashed each time death snatches a life away far too early.  I am not interested in silly brick walls posing as faith, nor am I concerned about the false hope of such illusions.  Truth reigns, as does my God.

I believe that God seeks good.  I believe that God weeps over loss and despises death as much as we do.  I believe Christ teaches a way of love, grace, and mercy.  I believe in the power of words, especially words placed well.

This blog, I hope, will be a source of word smithing, smashing illusions, genuine hope, and honest humility.


4 thoughts on “Word Smiths and Illusions

  1. Judy Prestage

    I look forward to more! It’s uncanny that I read a comment in a novel today where a woman was asked how everything was so perfect in her life. Her reply was, ” There is no perfect, only real life and liars.” Kind of blunt, but a reminder that no one has it all together. We’ve all got our “persistent illusions.”

  2. Bubba McAnally

    I enjoy stumbling across a catchy little one liner myself. I look forward to reading more in the future. “Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows” Rocky Balboa , you can have that one, but you’re right. There are a lot of illusions that need more truth everywhere.


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