Book Review: The Monster in the Hollows

IMG_0253The Monster in the Hollows is book three of the Wingfeather Saga written by Andrew Peterson.  I must first confess that Andrew Peterson is my favorite musician, therefore I could be accused of bias.  Nonetheless, this book is a heart warming adventure from cover to cover.

Continuing the fictional tale of three children and their family’s escape from danger to a new land of hope, Peterson explores the themes of faith, the family bond, grace, and overcoming evil.  Like his heroes, Lewis and Tolkien, Peterson creates a detailed world rich in imagination and adventure.  I particularly enjoy the humorous creatures that Peterson imagines and the word play he creates (sneakery).

This book is a relatively easy read so that children, probably 4th grade at least, can pick this book up and enjoy.  The Wingfeather Saga is in fact a wonderful story for kids in that it carries a strong teaching of having faith in the “Maker”, the child heroes of this story face genuine accountability for their actions, selflessness is a major theme, and treating people with respect is a parent taught expectation.  One of the greatest things that the Wingfeather Saga delivers is the role of adults.  Too often adults are portrayed in modern literature and stories as buffoons.  Not so in this story, these adults fight for the protection and purity of their children.  Don’t think this story is only for kids though, lest I be misunderstood.  There is a deep, truly soul tapping theology of sin, salvation, and redemption weaved throughout this tale.  I loved it and I am eagerly awaiting the fourth and final book of this series.

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