Hurry Up and Wait

Day One in Guatemala…

The smell of savory spices are flooding my nose right now. I’m sitting on the rooftop of our hotel in Antigua Guatemala. The sounds of people shuffling about the street, music, languages of all kinds fill the cool night air. The roof is peaceful and strangely dark for a city that’s still lit up. It has been a day of hurrying and waiting. That’s how most mission trips start.

We departed our church in Alabama at 3:15 in the morning for a four hour bus ride to Atlanta. Hurry up, get to the bus, and wait.

We arrived at the airport, got our tickets, checked our bags, made our way through the many checkpoints that make up modern airports, and hurried to find our gate. Hurry up, get to the gate, and wait.

We rushed to get in line, to board our plane, and stow away our bags. Then we sat for a smooth three hour flight to Guatemala City. Hurry up, get on the plane, and wait.

We landed and got through customs and found our guides and rented our vans. Then we loaded up and headed to Antigua, an hour drive. Hurry up, get on the vans, and wait.

We checked into our hotel and met in it’s open air courtyard and went to dinner, together. We sat and ate and laughed and fellowshipped for hours. Hurry up, get to the restaurant, and wait.

Then we met together and prayed and sang praise to God and asked for His guidance and blessing. There was no hurry and there was no waiting, finally.

The tough part of being on a mission trip is remembering that the following of God happens both at the doing and the waiting. And when we waited, by God’s grace, the waiting was blessed. For the bus ride was peaceful and the airport had great food and sustenance. The plane ride was fun and exciting and the van ride built our anticipation. The dinner was foundational and the worship was both as necessary and natural as breathing.

I write alone on a roof in Antigua Guatemala and fireworks are exploding in the night sky.

Praise be to God for blessing those that wait!

“I will wait for the LORD, who has hidden his face from the house of Jacob, and I will hope in God.” Isaiah 8:17


3 thoughts on “Hurry Up and Wait

  1. Greg

    Rob, i am convinced that nothing is gonna separate ya’ll from the love of God…”Hurry up and Wait” is another wonderful thought that we all need to hear/share/instill. You’re the Bible dude, but somewhere does IT say something to the effect, “Be quiet and hear my voice”? Rooftops count…don’t they?
    You share a great message from across the globe…
    As always, i’m just proud to know you … & keep us posted!

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